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15 of the Most Awkward Situations Known to Man

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Seeing Acquaintances in Public and Other Nightmares.

Are you a shy person? An introvert? Or maybe you’re the most outgoing of all your friends? It really doesn’t matter, because at the end of the day, we’re all awkward.

An enlightening article from Wait But Why really touched me personally while I was reading it earlier this week, and it just sort of helped me to remember how funny, odd, and uncomfortable being human can be sometimes.

awkward walk together goodbye


Imagine if an alien came to Earth. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be so far-fetched, because if you’ve ever traveled to a country with a culture different than your own, you know how utterly confusing and depressingly hard it can be to try and figure out the social rules and norms.

Now forget other cultures: how about your own? How many situations do you encounter each day that just leave you wondering how and why things are done the way they’re done?

From simple greetings, to passing people on the sidewalk, to—dare I mention it—trying to pee with other people around, these are some of the most awkward situations we can all relate to.

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