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Most Chilling Theories Behind ‘Making a Murderer’

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Remaking a Murderer

When Netflix’s original crime documentary Making a Murderer, filmed over the course of ten years, was released to viewers this past winter, each episode had an audience of about 19.3 million people. It was not altogether surprising that the show was so well received by fans and critics, following in the recent trend of real crime documentaries started by podcasts like Serial.

The show examined the case of Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey in their charge for the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach. Though slanted to the perspective of Steven’s innocence, Making a Murderer so convinced fans that the man was not guilty of the crime that a petition with over 500,000 signatures was sent to the White House demanding the case be reopened or Avery be exonerated; President Obama had to respond that he had no authority in the matter.

This past week, a second season was confirmed to be in production. While it is rumored that it will largely mirror the first in terms of analyzing the case, the second season will also show viewers more about the legal process post-conviction, as well as introduce us to Avery’s new lawyer and current situation.

Perhaps the most captivating reality of Making a Murderer was how it simply baffled not only viewers, but everyone involved with the case at the time. Nothing here was simple, from the investigative process to the trials, and, even when the men were convicted of murder, many still felt there was substantial doubt.

Luckily, fans have since developed myriad theories behind the mystery of the murder of Teresa Halbach. These are the top theories you need to read.

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