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Most Fabulous Gay Weddings

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The Gays Have Just Taken Weddings to the Next Level

If you haven’t heard, gay weddings are all the rage these days. Why? Because we can get married everywhere now! Even in Kim Davis’ office thankyouverymuch.

Chances are you may have been invited to one by now, but with last spring’s SCOTUS decision to legalize gay marriage nationally, you can expect to be invited to many more in the near future (everyone needs at least a few months to plan). As you might imagine, these weddings will be fab-oo-lous. Not just because the LGBT community is know for their exemplary taste, but because we’re able to redefine the standards of what a wedding should look like.

Tradition is beautiful, and while many gay weddings will have a conventional structures to their ceremonies, many gay couples are taking the opportunity to explode standards and create the ideal celebration of love they’ve always dreamed of!

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amazing gay wedding

Source: Instagram @jhoemarjose

These weddings are the gayest, in the BEST possible way…