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Motivating or Fat Shaming? You decide…

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How Do You Know When Bragging Becomes Bullying?

With so many social media platforms for people to share their thoughts and pictures on, it seems like there’s a new way for people to be offended every day! It’s no secret that fitness fanatics like to share their impressive physiques on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram for that extra confidence boost, but for one UK mom, apparently sharing her skin was one step too far for the people of the internet.

Abby Pell is a 33-year-old single mom from the UK, and after giving birth to her daughter, Bella, six years ago, she decided that she wasn’t going to make any excuses for herself, and she hit the gym and has been maintaining an amazing body ever since.



“I have a six pack, a kid and no excuse,” Pell wrote in a social media post accompanied by a picture of herself next to her daughter, Bella. However, soon her photo went viral, being shared more than 12,000 times on social media, and people have a LOT to say about this mom…

Why are people freaking out about this photo? Keep reading to see the photo and reactions for yourself!