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Mullets Are BAAACK!! But This Time Just For Girls…

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The Party In The Back Is Back

That’s right, mullets are in our midst again – and not just at the 7/11 in Birmingham.

Your favorite hairstyle from the 80s is making a major comeback in the fashion industry, on the red carpet and even on Instagram, but this time the “do” is being sported primarily by humanity’s better half — women.


Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The mullet made a strong showing at the Grammys this past week, which may have provided the tipping point for the look to truly become a mainstay again in popular culture. “There was a definite reason why we saw mullets on the red carpet at the Grammy awards: David Bowie,” said celebrity hair stylist Nick Arrojo to Today. 

Back for good? Or does this trend need to be cut short? Check out these fem-style mullets…