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Muslim Man Victim of Racist Threats on Popular Gay App

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“I’ll Kick Your A$$ All the Way Back to Iraq”

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Source: Twitter @madmanwithapen @attitudemag

It’s nice to think we live in a world where persecuted minority communities can support each other and get along, but that’s simply not how it is.

Following Friday November 13th’s coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris, the crisis in the Middle East and the plight of its many refugees has been on the headline of every newspaper and the forefront of all political discourse.

It’s also a situation that’s brought to light the true colors of many people who claim to live with accepting and inclusive American ideals but then fail to look beyond their own fears in a time of need for many.

Such confusing global politics are bound to affect the folks back home one way or another, bringing out the cowardice and racism even of our friends and neighbors. One racially motivated verbal attack this week happened at the hands of another community that you’d like to think would empathize with the plight of the refugees or victimized groups in general: the gay community.

Start the slideshow below to learn about the horrific comments one young man endured on Grindr due to his Middle Eastern heritage, then SHARE if you think his story needs to be heard.