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Nickelodeon Just Introduced Its First Gay Cartoon Couple and People Are Loving It

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Loud and Proud

What values do we teach our children?

Even when we don’t think they’re paying attention, children are watching, listening, and learning all about the world around them. This means they follow by example, catching parents and family members at their worst moments, but approaching everything with that innocent bliss of childhood.

Leave it to a kid to point out someone’s flaws without realizing it’s rude, or to question an incongruity that they don’t understand in the world. Why are some people treated better than others? Why do some people have two mommies or two daddies?

As ever before, our children are the future, and regardless of this world of hatred and hypocrisy we introduce them to, they are bound to leave behind a better place where we can only hope humans of all backgrounds and lifestyles are treated with equality and respect. Luckily, children’s programming now includes a more accurate representation of what the real world is like, and all it took was a little love.

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Source: Nickelodeon Animation Studio

Meet the couple that just made history.