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Now, ‘Game of Thrones’ Is All About the Girl Power

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Fire and Estrogen.

Game of Thrones has long been marked off as a violently sexist show. From the innumerable naked and nameless women on the program (with relatively few nude male counterparts) to the treatment of sexual assault and rape, even the general lack of women in power and displays of misogyny have run rampant since Season 1. After all, this is a medieval world.

But now, winter is officially here, and Daenerys isn’t the only woman bringing the heat. Suddenly, and almost without warning, woman are running Westeros nearly everywhere you look, from the youngest of girls to the most wizened of women, author George R. R. Martin and show-runners D. B. Weiss and David Benioff have quite pleasantly surprised us with a coup de femme, and–love them or hate them–the female characters are calling the shots now.

Okay, so we might have seen this coming for seasons at this point, but the finale of Season 6 was just so satisfying, and so obviously filled with the girl power that is sweeping Westeros, we had to comment on it. Naturally, don’t read on if you haven’t finished Season 6 yet and don’t want the spoilers!

game of thrones women sansa spoiler

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Here’s what’s happening with the women in Westeros…