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Nurse Walks More Than A Mile In Blizzard To Care For Elderly Patients

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Snowstorm Jonas Was No Match For This Nurse

As much fun as a snow day can be for the rest of us – snowmen, snowball fights, snow angels – some people don’t have the luxury of taking the day off during a blizzard, like those working in the healthcare industry who have patients depending on them.

Chantelle Daibate, a nurse who works at the Hebrew Home in Riverdale was nailed with snowstorm Jonas last week, and she could’ve easily chalked up the day to a loss and curled up on her couch during the snowfall, but instead this committed caregiver fared the storm and trudged over a mile over snow and ice so that she could be there for her patients.

nurse chantelle diabate

Source: Facebook @chantellediabate

“This is what it means to be a nurse…”