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Oetzi the Iceman’s Clothes Have Been DNA Analyzed, and He Might Be a Fashion Icon

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Iceman’s Dope Leather Duds…

As we all know, fashion is cyclical. Lacey dresses that filled NYC streets a few summers ago harkened back to the hippies times of the 1960s, denim-ania of the 1970s made a full-tuxedo return in the early oughts, jumpers popularized for full-grown ladies in the ’80s had a contemporary renaissance in the past decade. Fashionistas are constantly excavating the past for the next big trend.

And it has just arrived: the first DNA-analysis of Oetzi the Iceman’s clothes are in and you won’t believe what scientists found. The 5,300-years-old mummified Iceman was famously discovered in the Italian Alps in 1991 with an arrowhead stuck in his shoulder (OG). And who knows fashion better than the Italians? DNA analysis was in its infancy at the time, but now it has developed to the point that scientists have gotten around to testing his duds. And the results are off the hook.

bearded man fur coat

Credit: glebTv/Shutterstock

This Pre-historic Trend Could be the Next Fall Fashion Revolution.