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‘OITNB’ Star Gives Amazing Statement About Hollywood ‘Sizeism’

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Happiness Comes in All Sizes

Society has long been fascinated with a slim and healthy-appearing body, and nowhere are the expectations higher than in Hollywood.

From perfect hair, teeth, and skin to the best clothes, agreeable composure, and, of course, the right body type, celebrities may look like they have it all, but our high demands come at a hefty price that not everybody in Hollywood can (or cares to) keep up with.

Why do we hold our celebrities to such unattainable goals? As humans, we know we can’t always look, act, or even be our best selves, so what makes the demigods of Hollywood any better or more capable? Even all the money, nutritionists, fitness teams, and resources in the world can’t make somebody skinny if they don’t feel like changing their genetics or lifestyle, and why should they?

Instead of focusing on changing ourselves, we should focus on loving and accepting ourselves; only that will do us more good and bring us more happiness in the future. Luckily for us, there are still some role models in Hollywood who are willing to stand up for all different body types. Most recently, Orange Is the New Black Star Dascha Polanco stood up for bigger or curvy bodies, and we love what she had to say.

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Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Here’s how she took down ‘sizeism’ in a single interview!