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One Player’s Battle to Make Marijuana Legal in the NFL

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Drugs and sports don’t mix.

From the time we’re young and in school, we are taught to say no to drugs at all costs, and athletes are under special scrutiny to avoid drugs and substances that may impact their performance both positively and negatively.

However, times are changing across the United States, and the drug culture that was once vilified by regimes and leaders like President Nixon is now gaining more acceptance and momentum. Currently, medical marijuana is legal in 20 states, and the use of recreational marijuana is legal in three states, as well as in Washington D.C.

As per a report on HBO’s Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel in 2014, some 50-60% of NFL players used marijuana regularly both for recreational purposes and for pain management. With more critical reports being released about the toll years of football can take on players’ bodies and brains, could accepted marijuana use be the solution to dealing with the health crisis?

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Source: Twitter @HigherMed

This player is crusading for the cause.