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Pakistan: When Teenage Girl Rejects Boss’s Proposal, Gruesome Tragedy Ensues

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Spurned, the man sought out revenge.

As far as we come each day, each year, and each generation, once in a while we are reminded of how far we have left to go.

Today, women’s rights remain a contested issue across the globe, differing greatly from culture to culture and country to country. Since ancient times, women have struggled with oppression in Greece, China, Rome, and beyond. In ancient Athens, women had even fewer rights than slaves.

In many places still, things are slow to change. For the past 40 years, gender discrimination has been outlawed in Pakistan, but the Council of Islamic Ideology’s recent proposal to the Pakistani legislature may put that progress in peril. The proposal suggests that husbands should be able to “lightly beat” their wives for a variety of supposed infractions.

If that weren’t bad enough, a horrifying story coming from outside the Pakistani city of Murree shows just how poorly some women are still being treated. This alarming report calls for immediate action, especially in the face of such proposed legislation that could worsen the position of women in Pakistani society.

pakistan burn victim body bag

Credit: Aamir Qureshi/ AFP/ Getty Images

She was burned alive for refusing to marry…