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Parents of Reddit Discuss Their “NO WAY This Person Is Dating My Daughter” Moment

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What Are Your Intentions?

Has meeting your girlfriend or boyfriend’s parents always been as scary as we make it out to be today?

I sincerely wonder if back in colonial times heading to your fling or intended’s house was one of the scariest moments of your life, aside from, you know, living on the frontier with the constant threat of dying from warring tribes, wild animals, and even the common cold.

These days, who isn’t familiar with the idea of the father cleaning his shotgun as a teenage suitor comes to his house to pickup the daughter for a date? Why is it that parents, and stereotypically fathers, are so scary?

If you’re a parent, you might already be experiencing the flip side of that first date where the teenagers are so nervous you probably feel sorry for them. Or perhaps you don’t feel sorry for the new boyfriend or girlfriend at all as you care only about making sure your own child is happy while still ensuring they make the right choices.

Young love is silly, confused, overdramatic, and often beautiful in its own way, and one thing is for sure: it makes for GREAT stories.

teen dating dad with shotgun Ljupco Smokovski

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Do these remind you of dating as a teen or having fun as a parent?