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Pass the Pita: Hot Guys With Hummus

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Chickpeas and Chick Magnets

The internet is good for practically everything.

From research and learning to games and entertainment to less reputable practices, the internet keeps us in contact with our closest friends just as easily as strangers on the other side of the world, and many of us couldn’t live without it.

Of the internet’s many pleasures, who doesn’t love some of today’s biggest online and social media trends, such as eye candy and even real candy or delicious food pictures and videos? Sure, it might sound shallow, but who doesn’t enjoy seeing a cute face, or a charming smile? And more realistically, who doesn’t love the money shot in food videos when they cut into the savory goodness to reveal the cheese filling gushing forward and stringing in all directions like the heaven-sent goodness that it is?

Following these trends, numerous Instagram accounts have popped up that are dedicated to countless and varied combinations of these genres: hot guys with cats, hot guys with puppies, hot guys with pizza… and finally, hot dudes with hummus.

If you love the creamy Mediterranean staple and aren’t perturbed by the sight of some hunky guys, we’ve got just what you’ve been looking for, not to mention some fun hummus facts!

hot guys hummus intro

Source: Instagram @hotdudesandhummus

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