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People Explain What It’s Like to Be in a Coma

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Like a Long Nap

Have you ever been in a coma? Whether artificially-induced or the result of trauma, comas are both physically and emotionally trying for those experiencing them as well as their loved ones.

Whether they last several days, months, or years, comas have been described as death-like states of unconsciousness. While some people report feeling absolutely nothing from the time they lose consciousness to the time they wake up, others say they had extremely vivid dreams or even recollections of what was going on around them.

Redditors were asked to share their personal experiences from being in a coma, and their stories, while similar, will show you a whole new side of the human experience. If you’ve ever been in a coma, does your story sound like these?

light at the end of the tunnel

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“No different than being asleep…”