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People Reveal the Craziest Thing They’ve Ever Made Someone Believe

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How Gullible Are You?

Do you fall for pranks and tricks often? Or perhaps you’re the one in your family or group of friends who loves tricking others into doing or believing ridiculous things.

Even the smartest among us can fall prey to a good joke now and then, whether we’re just very gullible or too trustworthy, but how far is too far?

You might be too embarrassed to admit the wildest thing you ever fell for, but these are the types of stories we can look back on and still laugh at, even years later. Redditors were asked to share the craziest stories they ever made someone else believe, and it’s hard not to laugh at these pranks.

At the very least, here are some ideas for how to trick your gullible friends…

manstruation manpons

Source: Twitter @Netjeretkhau

Would you fall for these?