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People Reveal the Dumbest Rumors They’ve Ever Heard About Themselves

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Rumor Has It…

It isn’t always easy to know if what you read or hear is the truth or just a rumor. Especially in an age where we consume most of our information from the internet and often blindly believe it – How do we know what sources to trust?

Many of us read our news or entertainment gossip from the same sites or sources, which can lead to an inherent information bias that we might not even be aware of. The best thing we can do is use various websites or newspapers in order to get the full story.

How many times have you read breaking news about a celebrity, or even a Facebook post about someone from your town, only to find out later that it was a blatant lie? When it comes down to it, the only people we can be 100% sure about when it comes to distinguishing between rumors and fact is ourselves.

In fact, that’s what makes it so much more funny when we hear rumors about ourselves that simply make our jaws drop, tempers rise, or that are so ridiculous we just can’t stop laughing.

Redditors were asked to share the most inane and surprising rumors they ever heard about themselves, and these just go to show how dumb some people can be when it comes to starting (or believing) gossip!

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They heard it through the grapevine…