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People Reveal the Shallowest Reasons Why They Wouldn’t Date Someone

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Hair, clothes, features. Sometimes your personality can’t outshine some physical trait.

Dating is shallow. You can’t argue that physical attraction is one of the most important things when it comes to a romantic relationship. Without it, you are just friends. Me? I can’t stand beards, long hair and guys whose eyes are too close together. There are guys on online dating apps that refuse to put up pics of themselves because they say that personality should count instead of looks. You can imagine they aren’t the Brad Pitts of the world. #sorrynotsorry. Us women can be just as shallow as men, but is that so wrong? I may be single as hell, but I’m not gonna settle for a dude with a soul patch who wears jorts. Check out other physical things that turn Redditors off HARD.

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They don’t want no scrubs!