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People Who Make Over $100,000 Explain What They Did to Get There

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The Secret to Success

Money, money, money! Whether it’s the key to your happiness or nothing but a pain, money affects our lives in more ways than we realize. Having either too little or too much much only leads to problems, but what is the sweet spot and how do we get there?

Almost everybody wants to be successful, though, admittedly, success comes in different shapes and sizes. In fact, the only thing that can truly determine success in your life is whatever makes you happy. That being said, many people still associate success with money, so we turned to those who make a lot of it to teach us how to get there as well.

Redditors who make over $100,000 annually were asked to share their tips and secrets to success, and their advice holds true for people of all ages and professions. Does money really bring happiness?

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