Planning a Trip? Redditors Share Their Worst Travel Experiences

Feb 10, 2016 at 1:38 pm |

There’s No Place Like Home.

If you’ve ever traveled, you’ll know what it’s like to experience new cities, cultures, landscapes, and food. More often than not, our trips to new places leave us with memories that will last a lifetime, but sometimes, they’re not always good.

From bad transportation to dirty hotels to the tap water we weren’t supposed to drink, traveling can also lead to a wide array of uncomfortable or even painful experiences. As if jet lag and irregular bowel movements weren’t bad enough, forced schedules and differences in cultures or languages can lead to some pretty humiliating – and humbling – stories.

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Source: Twitter @WSJbusiness/ Luke Sharett/ Bloomberg/ Reddit

Redditors were asked to share their worst travel stories, and this is what they came up with.

Can you top these?

When I was abroad… do you have a nightmare travel story than can top these?