Little Girl Finds Out Who Luke Skywalker’s Father Is. Her Reaction Is Priceless!

Jan 12, 2016 at 6:24 pm |

Decades-Old Spoiler Alert Ahead

A well-done plot twist can be the defining moment of any book, movie, or series. As time goes on, a surprising turn of events may be what people take away and remember even more than the movie itself. While the Star Wars franchise has stayed relevant and important for nearly 40 years, it’s most famous revelation about Luke Skywalker’s lineage remains a cinematically iconic moment, as well as one of the most misquoted scenes of all time.

Clearly The Empire Strikes Back‘s most famous moment still has its shock value today, and parents love using to it to see how their children and other new Star Wars fans react. This latest video is priceless.

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But was Darth Vader’s revelation really as big a secret as we thought it was? Turns out there’s some debate regarding the authenticity of the plot twist.

Keep reading to find out!

These kids never saw it coming!