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Prison Guard Talks About Extremely Disturbing Situations

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For some people, each day at work could be their last.

No matter which side of the bars you’re on, prison is most likely not a place you want to end up. Conditions are hard all around, both for prisoners and employees, and whether you are dealing with some of the worst members of society or living among them, you’re bound to see some unpleasant things.

Even mental health experts and social workers who go into prisons with the hope of rehabilitating prisoners in order to welcome them back into society are often left desperately stressed out, even ostracized by other prison workers for trying to help inmates.

One prison guard anonymously documented stories from his life on the inside, and his stories are both shocking, graphic, yet very real as to how hard prison can be for prisoners and workers alike. Sometimes, they even have to work together to survive the day.

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These are his stories.