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Products That Should Have Never Been Invented.

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Did You Ever Stop and Wonder, ‘Why?’

Life is filled with stuff.

In fact, following the latest zen trends, the basic teachings of multiple religions, or simply the advice of the old and wise, one of the best ways to reduce stress is by reducing clutter, and we can boost our own happiness and understanding of worth by ridding ourselves of unnecessary worldly possessions.

And yet, if you were to look around your desk, car, house, or apartment right now, what would you find? How many of the items surrounding you are things you really truly need? Chances are, not many.

Between our get-rich-quick entrepreneurial desires and our consumer-driven economy, it’s no surprise that we spend so much money on knickknacks that may give us instant gratification but that don’t provide any lasting pleasure.

Redditors were asked what some of the most pointless inventions of all time were, and this is what they came up with.

bad ideas hanging lightbulbs

Source: Twitter @HelloMyCRM

How many of these do you have?