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Professions With No Room for Error

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Sometimes, ‘Sorry’ just doesn’t cut it.

Have you ever screwed up on the job?

At one point in time you’ve probably heard it said that humans are prone to error, and that mistakes are a totally normal occurrence that help us learn and grow in life. Unfortunately for us, some mistakes have much graver consequences than others.

Think about how many errors you make on a daily basis. Maybe you send an email to the wrong person, or perhaps you forgot to set the timer on the TV to record your favorite show. Maybe you just left a tissue in your pocket before doing the wash. None of these are likely to affect your life in any significant way, no matter how frustrating they may seem at the time.

At work, mistakes could be more serious, but chances are that an error would either result in a loss of time, perhaps some loss of profit, and a scolding from your boss. But what if even the smallest mistake could put your life, or the life of hundreds of others, at risk? Would you be able to stand up to that kind of pressure? Redditors give their input below.

How would you feel about a new job where everyone depends on you?

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These jobs require absolute perfection.