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4 Reasons the New Donald Trump Song Is Everything

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Oh, Say, Can You See? It’s Not So Easy

It’s official: Donald Trump has a song.

At a Trump rally in Pensacola, Florida earlier this week, three young girls performed one of the most glorious acts of patriotism we’ve seen in I don’t know how long. The video is now going viral, and any red-blooded American can understand why: because it’s a goldmine.

And no, I don’t mean a goldmine for the Trump campaign, I mean a goldmine for the internet. Rarely do such incredible videos come our way, and even more rarely are they 100% serious and not made ironically.

Yes, people actually took the time and effort to write this song, choreograph the dance, and have these girls perform it in front of millions of viewers. It’s like a drunk Uncle Sam got lost in Kidz Bop Hell and came back with pleated skirts.


Naturally I’ve already memorized the words and choreography for this, purely as a continuation of my facetious run as a Trump supporter, but there really are several important takeaways we should all be aware of, regardless of how we feel about the outspoken candidate.

Watch the Trump Song!