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Redditors Share Their Most Awkward Date Stories

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Some of us are lucky enough to meet our significant others early on in life, or to find The One after only a short time ‘playing the game,’ or maybe we even end up with our high school sweethearts.

Then, for the rest of us, there is the never ending, unfulfilling, self-degrading, circuitous quest for companionship that we call dating.

From our adolescent years well into adulthood and *gulp* even late into life, studies show that we are likely to have multiple disaster dates and broken hearts before finally finding Miss or Mr. Right.

And while some of us may feel like all we ever have are terrible, awful, no good, very bad dates, there’s got to be a bright side, right? Of course right: we do it for the story.

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Source: Twitter @spad2002

Redditors were asked to share their worst, most painful, and most awkward date stories, and this is what they came up with!