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The Most Clever Science Jokes Found On Reddit

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There Are No Dumb Questions…

Or maybe there are.

Growing up, the more supportive teachers and parents encouraged us to always ask the questions that came to mind during class or while at home, no matter how trivial or embarrassing they may seem. The best among them took our questions seriously, helping us solve our own problems or kindly taking us seriously, even if our questions were flawed or downright unintelligible.

And while asking questions is essential to learning and growing, sometimes, our questions are better off left unasked.

These hilariously misguided questions about basic scientific principles will crack you up and make you wonder what “dumb” questions you’ve asked before.

“My dad said that the world doesn’t revolve around me. How is this possible if I am his sun?” And they only get better.

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Source: imgur/ SoLastYear

Have you ever asked a question like these?