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Remember Little Orphan Annie? See What She Looks Like Now!

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All Grown Up

Little orphan Annie lived a hard knock life, but we couldn’t resist signing along with her and her fellow orphans in the 1982 film. Since the movie’s success, we’ve pretty much stayed up with most of the adults from the classic movie. Miss Agatha Hannigan (Carol Burnett), Daddy Warbucks (Albert Finney), Rooster Hannigan (Tim Curry) and his girlfriend (Bernadette Peters) have all continued to thrive in Hollywood. But what about little orphan Annie?

Aileen Quinn has been pretty much MIA since we last saw her wishing for tomorrow. Well, she hasn’t totally been out of the limelight. She’s been in a few productions, made some appearances and even has a successful singing career.

Aileen Quinn in Annie

Credit: Photofest

Here’s what our little orphan Annie has been up to…