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Researchers Do Study on Doing It When You Are High vs. Drunk

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Which sex is better?

Back in the day, during my early sex-having moments, I must admit, I used to knock a couple back to relax before engaging in a little one-on-one action. Hey, don’t judge me. I needed a sip or five to open up in what was a really big deal for me back in the day. Nowadays, I’m usually doing it with a significant other, so I don’t need much to loosen up my inhibitions.

There are some people who still do it for the numbness, and there are others who do it to enhance sex. I’ve been there—drank a little alcohol to get in that place where sex gets amazing. But, the way my heavy-handed pours were set up, I got drunk which led to not remembering much. That’s the exact outcome researchers discovered in a study conducted on men and women. Joseph Palamar and his colleagues at New York University drafted 24 heterosexual adults to participate in answering in-depth questions about their sexual experiences that involved marijuana and alcohol.

Girl smoking and drinking at party

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Here’s what researchers gathered from the interviews…