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Richard Sherman Stops Press Conference to Deliver Heartfelt Speech on Police Brutality in America

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We need to join together

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are aware of the racial tensions building in America. Police brutality has always been an issue, but now the country is more aware of it thanks to smartphone videos and social media. What is part of the outrage is people’s apathy towards unarmed and innocent black men getting killed. Many people ignore larger issues going on in society these days; look at all the people that care about Pokémon more that getting justice for these poor souls.

Yes, most cops are good guys, but with any group of people there are some bad eggs. Celebrities, including pro athletes, have been speaking publicly about their outrage against the bad ones. Spreading awareness through their platforms is an amazing way to reach the public and get support. The latest celeb to do this is Richard Sherman, the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks.


Credit: Rich Polk/Getty Images

Thoughts and prayers? We need action!