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Scary Historical Facts You Didn’t Learn in School

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These Stories Are Best Left in the Past.

History belongs to those with the power to write about it.

Like the little white lies you may tell family or friends about your day-to-day life, history can become infinitely warped–from slight variations to gross lies–just by the slightest change of even the most minor details.

Any historical event, even the most major battle or the most publicized scandal, is only witnessed by a small minority of people. As their stories become muddled or poorly recounted, the history that gets passed down grows further and further from the truth. Most of us depend on textbooks or online sources to learn these supposed “facts” about history, but, as the saying attributed to Winston Churchill goes, “History is written by the victors.”

As it turns out, people in power are very interested in keeping some truths out of the history books, and it isn’t until we explore non-traditional sources or personal accounts that we discover some of American history’s most disturbing and upsetting facts.

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These are the stories they didn’t teach you in school…