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Scientists One Step Closer to Perfectly Splitting Water

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We’re Now One Step Closer to Cleaner Energy

With the ever-looming threat of an energy crisis on our hands, governments around the world, along with organizations and many activists, are making the push for mankind to move away from non-renewable energy sources like coal and petroleum in favor of something more sustainable.

And as the world’s consumption rates continue to increase, scientists and researchers are at the forefront of the movement to devise new systems of harvesting and maintaining clean energy.

One of the most popular alternative energy sources is hydrogen, specifically hydrogen fuel, with its light weight and zero-emissions being just two of its major pros. One of the biggest problems with hydrogen fuel, however, is that it’s difficult and costly to produce. But now scientists are one step closer to simplifying–and perfecting–that process.

hydrogen car

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Does this breakthrough mean hydrogen fuel is the way of the future?