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Shawn Hunter Is Getting Married on ‘Girl Meets World’ and Mr. Feeny Is Officiating!

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Did you see this one coming?

Can you believe that it’s almost been 23 years since Boy Meets World first aired on ABC?

This coming-of-age show was a staple in the ’90s, blending the traditional Leave It to Beaver-style family morals with the added dysfunction and humor that now saturates family-centric sitcoms.

During its seven-year run, we all grew up right alongside Cory Matthews, despairing in his mistakes and delighting in his successes and mischievous adventures. Who could forget watching him falling in love with Topanga, turning to Mr. Turner for advice, or always learning a lesson from Mr. Feeny?

Though it may seem like a lifetime ago, the extended plots of Boy Meets World still continue in Girl Meets World, which debuted on Disney Channel in 2014. Even if you don’t watch it, old school fans of the original series will be delighted (or insanely jealous) to know that after so many years, best friend and lovable tough guy Shawn Hunter is finally tying the knot, and we’ve got pics to prove it.

girl meets world shawn hunter wedding

Credit: Disney

Boy meets Wedding, right this way!