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She Fought Off a Rapist and Now SHE’S Facing Charges

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She Was a Survivor, but Then the Authorities Made Her a Victim.

Sexual assault is a serious problem that affects every country in the world. According to RAINN, every 107 seconds, someone is sexually assaulted here in the United States. The frightening statistics don’t stop there: four out of five attacks are committed by someone the victim knows.

What’s even more horrifying is how much more prevalent it occurs in poorer countries where women don’t have the rights we do here. Rape in some other cultures is often turned around on the victim themselves, who is then blamed for what happened.

woman being raped

Source: Twitter @Juliet777777

In the most recent case to make headlines – I shudder to think about the thousands of stories that happen where the victim remains silent – a young woman in Denmark found herself at the awful intersection of sexual assault, outdated laws and policies, and the incendiary culture around the refugee crisis.

It all started with self defense…