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She Put a Hidden Camera in Her Bra, When You Find Out Why… Amazing

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I Couldn’t Believe Who Blatantly Checked Out This Woman.

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Source: YouTube @Nestlé Fitness

Some people have no shame.

While it’s pretty fair to admit that everybody can appreciate boobs, some people take it too far. From rude staring to uncomfortable comments and even downright nasty gestures, a woman’s breasts are subjected to a lot of unwarranted attention.

One woman decided to document just how many people check her out daily, and the final result turned into an awesome video with a poignant message. Watch below as she hides a tiny camera in the top of her blouse, hidden from the naked eye. We then get to see a compilation of this woman’s day walking around the city, eyes peering down her shirt form a multitude of strangers. In the video, we see a little bit of everything: male baristas, businessmen on the sidewalk, construction workers on their scaffolding are all only to be expected.

But then, little by little, the compilation video shows us some people you’d never expect to stare at the woman’s chest.