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Should ‘Star Trek’ Come Back to TV?

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Where No Man Has Gone Before…?

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Credit: NBC/ Photofest

By now, you may have heard the news that Star Trek is returning from the deep space of the silver screen back to where it all began: television. But should they even bother?

When the original series premiered in 1966, amidst the height of 20th century America’s obsession with space and science fiction, it started a cultural phenomenon that is still felt both in parody, film, and everyday pop culture to this day. The adventures on and around the starship Enterprise transcended television, allowing young and adult fans alike to explore and experience the trials and tribulations of the final frontier from the comfort of their own living rooms. Many of those very fans have been loyal to the series ever since.

While the Original Series as it is now called ran for just three seasons, the Star Trek franchise has evolved over the years with six more seasons, 12 movies, and one more movie in production that will coincide with the show’s 50th anniversary. And now, sourcing are confirming, there’s a new TV series in the works. But do we even need it?