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Spice Girls’ ‘Wannabe’ Transformed Into Epic 2016 Feminist Anthem

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What do women really, really want?

It was in 1996 that the British girl group The Spice Girls sang the now iconic song “Wannabe.” The song was hard to escape from that year due to it’s poppy beat and energetic, intoxicating rhythm. The Spice Girls have since disbanded to pursue other avenues of life, but their song from so long ago has just made a comeback. But the Spice Girls have been replaced in the new music video with some different ladies, and the video is accompanied by the hashtag #WhatIReallyReallyWant.

In this more globally-conscious era, a group of artists from different places have teamed up with the United Nations to highlight everyday problems in third-world countries and to ask women what it is that they really want. Their answers may surprise you.

#Whatireallyreallywant video

Source: YouTube @The Global Goals

Women across the world are answering.