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Spotted: Amy Schumer and Blake Lively Enraged!

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What are these two up in arms about?

Hey, rumor lovers, gossip guardians, and scandalmongers,

It’s Dish Dude here, and do I have news for you. One of my many sources, reported:

Spotted: Amy Schumer and Blake Lively outraged! But why, you ask. Well, reports are still coming in, but we imagine the meet took place at a Manhattan news kiosk. Amy was dragging herself home hungover from a night of wine throwing and raunchy sex (complete speculation), when she ran into Blake coming out of a Juice Press after a double at SoulCycle (again totally making this up).

But now these two potential frenemies, are teaming up for real. Why you ask. Find out…

blake lively

Source: Instagram @blakelively

This is only the beginning