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Star Wars Characters Adorably Reimagined As Winnie The Pooh & Friends

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In A Hundred Acre Wood Far, Far Away

A Florida based artist by the name of James Hance brilliantly mashed up two unlikely favorites — because who can get enough of Star Wars or Winnie the Pooh?! The surprisingly adorable combo, which he’s entitled “Wookie the Chew,” reimagines A.A. Milne’s characters with Chewbacca as Pooh Bear, an Imperial Walker as Eeyore, Han Solo as Christopher Robin and a few others who live in a world of iconic fantasy crossovers…

In addition to the drawings the artist has also produced a free fully dramatized audiobook to go along with the images called “The House At Chew Corner.”

han solo as christopher robin and winnie the pooh as chewbacca

Credit: Twitter/James Hance

Hance sells his original artwork on Etsy, and has a few other incredible cultural mashups in the mix (ET and Dr. Who, Kermit as Van Gogh, Game of Thrones mixed with How to Train Your Dragon?!)

Jump into the world of ‘Wookie the Chew’…