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Stories From People Who Witnessed “You’re Not the Father” Moments

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We Need to Talk.

Being a parent isn’t easy.

Not only is it the biggest commitment you can make in this life, but being a parent is constant hard work, every second of your life from the time your child is born to the time you die. Sleepless nights, less or no time with your significant other, large expenses from diapers to college tuitions, and the constant mix of hope and worry about if your child will turn out happy and healthy.

While it’s guaranteed to be a lifetime of work, being a parent is also likely to bring you a lifetime of happiness. If you already have kids, can you remember the first moment you found out you were going to be a father or mother? The feeling can best be described as elation.

That being said, having that happiness taken away certainly can’t end well.

Though science and technology have enabled us to do paternity tests to definitively prove a child’s parentage, sometimes these results can come as a shocking, and upsetting, surprise. Redditors were asked to share stories of times they witnessed the infamous “You’re not the father” or “The baby isn’t yours” moments, and these get pretty wild.

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He looks just like his *real* father…