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Studies Show Psychedelic Drugs Should Be Medicine for These 4 Conditions

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Could these drugs be the key to a happier life?

It’s nice to think that modern medicine and healthcare are giving us all the help we need to stay physically and mentally fit, but is that really the case?

Due to antiquated laws, overly conservative lawmakers, the personal biases of government officials, and the financial interests of the pharmaceuticals industry, among others, many substances are illegal today that should instead be government regulated and available to those who need them.

Aside from marijuana, one of the most common substances that medical professionals and researchers argue should be investigated for its medicinal or therapeutic qualities are psychedelic drugs, specifically LSD and psilocybin. Tests carried out in the mid-20th century gave us most of the empirical evidence about psychedelic drugs that we still rely on, but more researchers today are petitioning for the government to grant permission to experiment and provide funding to carry out research. Others still are asking that psychedelics be declassified as Schedule I drugs.

Naturally, working with such potent drugs is risky, but that’s why we need regulated research and non-biased studies to help explore and understand them. If the research we already have is any indication, they might just be the medicine of the future when it comes to treating these complicated conditions that plague so many millions across the world.

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