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Suicidal Man Jumps Naked Into Lion Cage at Zoo, but the Lions Suffer Instead

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A Death Wish Gone Wrong

The concept of a zoo is twofold. Primarily seen as fascinating educational opportunities, safe spaces dedicated to the preservation of endangered species, and parks filled with a variety of wildlife so that the public at large can see and learn about various animals, zoos are designed to foster the welfare of many animals, albeit in captivity.

On the other hand, many people view zoos as veritable prisons, cruel jails that keep animals in questionable conditions behind bars and never allow them to live in their natural habitats in the wild.

Every once in a while, a new story pops up that reminds us that even in their manmade homes, animals in zoos are still second-class citizens when it comes to the dangerous and unpredictable actions of humans.

A suicidal man made a decision that would end in tragedy at the Santiago Zoo in the Chilean capital city on May 21, but his death wish did not turn out as intended.

santiago zoo lion suicide man attacked

Source: YouTube/ The Incredible World

He tried to use the lions as vehicles for a quick suicide, but they ended up becoming the victims.