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Supergirl Actor Jeremy Jordan Outraged That Cousin is Locked Away at Anti-Gay Boarding Facility

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The Real Supergirl

The world is obsessed with the private lives of celebrities.

From hookups and marriages to divorces, or from happy family moments to the most despicable of drama, celebrity scandals are commonplace and make for popular headlines, but rarely does this sort of news touch on such deep and disturbing issues.

Actor and singer Jeremy Jordan has already led an impressive stage and screen career in his 31 years, but recently, the world saw him in a raw, new role they hadn’t seen before: that of the concerned cousin.

The scene played out over social media as we learned that Jeremy’s 17-year-old cousin Sarah was forced into an East Texas Christian boarding facility for “troubled teens,” and all because she went to prom with her girlfriend.

Sarah’s plight quickly brought national attention to conversion therapy, the contentious process condemned as a harmful pseudoscience that targets LGBT youth. While Sarah had her famous cousin to help raise awareness, we can’t help but think of the countless youths across the nation who have been subjected to some form of the so-called therapy, a number that the National Center for Lesbian Rights estimates to be 1 in 3 LGBT people.

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Credit: Tommaso Boddi/ Getty Images/ Joey Jordan/ GoFundMe

Thousands joined in the fight to #SaveSarah