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Superhero Powers That Would Be Impossible Even If They Were Possible

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If You Could Have Any Superpower, Which Would You Choose?

Society is obsessed with superheroes. Though they’ve existed in various masked and unmasked forms for centuries, the modern concept of a human or alien gifted with extraordinary talents–usually strength, speed, and cunning–came to prominence during the early part of the 20th century as much of the world was engaged in catastrophic wars.

From simple comic strips to multimillion-dollar Hollywood blockbusters, superheroes continue to fascinate us, or at least draw in the audiences to keep the action-packed genre alive and well. And of course, paramount among a superhero’s traits to enrapture a crowd are his or her superpowers.

Flight. X-ray vision. Super speed. Mind reading. Who hasn’t dreamed at one point or another of possessing incredible skills that they could use for world-saving good, the forces of evil, or maybe even just to be noticed?

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Dreams aside, Redditors were asked to analyze and critique popular superpowers: which is most ruined by real world physics? And they weren’t afraid to hold back!

Does your favorite superhero make the cut?