Taking on Toronto’s Extreme Obstacle Course

Oct 7, 2015 at 3:09 pm |

Caution Runners: Giant Inflatable Obstacles Ahead!

Inspired by the hit TV show Wipeout!, in which contestants are challenged to complete a tricky obstacle course, athletes and thrill seekers alike have begun seeking out Wipeout! obstacle course 5k’s throughout North America.

Participants are dared to crash, smash and splash their way through a 5km course lined with giant obstacles. One runner, Patrick, was game for the challenge when the run was held in Toronto this September. In a brave move, he documented his endeavour.

Watch his tumble-filled journey and SHARE this video if you’d run one of these bad boys yourself!

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Story by Sarah Bermingham from Storyful

This is definitely an upgrade from the bouncy castles of your childhood!