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Teachers Tell the Most Pretentious Thing Students Have Ever Said to Them

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Kids These Days.

Are kids getting worse or are we just getting crankier? No matter what the generation, you’re bound to hear adults complaining about those darn kids, but then you read these stories and you understand why.

Teaching isn’t easy. Any way you look at it, (often) singlehandedly controlling and inspiring a group of 20+ students is no easy task, especially given their age, maturity level, and lives outside the classroom. Think back on your own experience as a student: Some teachers might have changed your life, but others may have been completely disconnect with the class, falling back upon seemingly authoritarian techniques.

Based on where the school is and what kind of students you’re dealing with, the classroom can be a very different place, be it akin to a college lecture or a zoo. But just how bad can students get?

Teachers were asked to share the rudest, most pretentious things students have ever said to them, and you’ll be left pretty shocked at their churlish, childish audacity.

exhausted teacher giving up book on head

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What were these kids thinking?