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Teenager Broadcasts Friend’s Rape on Social Media

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Sometimes you really have to wonder what the world’s coming to.

Each generation is prone to be critical of the next.

Having learned our lessons and experienced the trials of youth, most of us grow older and wiser, and naturally we expect that same understanding from people around us, even those with less experience.

It’s almost comical, telling ourselves we won’t end up like the cantankerous old man next door only to find that we snap the same way at a teenager for acting immature when we’re in our twenties. Yet the cycle repeats itself, and each generation thinks the next has truly hit the final straw.

But perhaps this time, they might be right.

It’s easy to pick on millennials: from their stereotypical disconnect from reality and obsession with all things technological and virtual to this latest chilling news story goes to show how far one teenager was willing to go—or how far she was willing to fall—for that extra ‘like’ and ‘follow,’ even at the expense of her friend’s safety, well-being, and even life.

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She kept filming even as her friend cried for help.