The 25 Smartest and Stupidest Things Donald Trump Has Ever Said

Aug 3, 2016 at 3:54 pm |

Genius or Mad Man?

There aren’t many people stuck on the fence on the 2016 presidential race; it’s either one or the other. While you may not like Hillary, and think that she’s shady, Donald just spews hatred. Donald Trump is anything but your typical American: he’s a cut-throat billionaire and a reality TV star-meets-real estate celebrity. Is this guy for real? Worst of all, Trump is used to getting his way, no matter how ridiculous his demands are. You might think he’s certifiable, but you can’t argue that he is a smart businessman. Who knows what kinds of tricks this guy has up his sleeve.

All we know for sure is that this guy is either extremely clever or extremely dumb… and we think it’s the latter! So we present to you the dumbest things our potential president has uttered. And yet, to his credit, some of these mindless quotes remain surprisingly insightful.

donald trump speaking at podium

Credit: NICHOLAS KAMM/Getty Images

Maybe he’s got multiple personalities?

Is Donald Trump a genius or mad man? He’s said some very ignorant things on Twitter, but you can’t argue he’s a genius when it comes to business…