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The Best Time to Look for a Job Is When You Don’t Need One

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Proactive vs. reactive

I know about this subject all too well. Mainly because I’ve always looked for a job when I needed one and my luck was slim to none. But now, I’m doing what I love and, according to research, I should STILL be looking for a job? What the what? According to Lou Adler, a best-selling author on getting hired, you should always keep your options open to implement a proactive career strategy. His theory comes from the Career Zone Analysis. He explains:

“If you’re highly satisfied in your current position and it continues to offer lots of growth for the foreseeable future you’re somewhere on the left. If your career is plateauing you’re somewhere in the middle. If you find little satisfaction in your work, the future is questionable or you’re underemployed, you’re somewhere on the right of the midpoint.”

Lou Adler's Career Zone Analysis

Credit: LinkedIn/louadler

Adler continues to break down a rule to implement when seeking jobs